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Creating a digital storefront can be daunting. CasperClick is ready to hand over the keys to your own custom build WordPress site.

Your website is your storefront on the internet, even if you don’t make sales through e-commerce.

It’s a place to advertise your services, demonstrate your products, and tell people how to get in touch or how to visit your brick-and-mortar store.

Most local businesses these days are discovered via the internet. Gone are the days of paper business directories, as we now live surrounded by search engines, social media, email, and mobile devices. The best way to reach your potential customers is to meet them where they are – online.

A great website needs to load quickly, be well-designed, look great on desktops and mobile devices, and give the site visitor the information they need quickly and easily. It doesn’t need to be weighed down with sections that need outdated plugins, it doesn’t need to be bandwidth-heavy, and it certainly doesn’t need to be filled with junk content that has just been stuffed with keywords.

The user experience is one of the highest search engine ranking factors, so your site must be set up with a customer-first mindset.

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Developing a site that fulfills all these requirements is not easy, especially if it is not your area of expertise. That’s where CasperClick can help your business to excel.

We can develop your website as needed using the WordPress platform. WordPress is an open source content management system that is highly configurable and extensible, and powers around 30% of ALL websites. It’s strong, robust, and suitable for almost any kind of website.

However, ensuring that your WordPress website reaches all the requirements set down by the search engines can be complex. Different add-ons or themes can affect the loading speed and will require changes to the structure of the site. CasperClick will make sure your website is configured exactly as it needs to be.

If you’re looking to have a new website, or perhaps have your current site upgraded, consider using our services to improve the user experience and potential for conversions. Of course, if you’re happy to give your customers a second-rate experience, please don’t engage us – we only work with businesses that put their customers first.

A better website will lead to more sales and more interest in everything you do. If you are ready to increase the reach of your business and to attract the customers that your business needs to thrive, please get in touch and we’ll do whatever we can to assist you.

Your website is often the first impression that your customers get of your business. Make sure you give them the best impression possible with a modern well-designed website from CasperClick.

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