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Where does any business find their customers? If that’s how you think about marketing, you might have got everything backwards. In most cases, it’s the customer who finds the business – the tricky part is getting your business where the customer can see it.

In this modern 24-hour-a-day always-on always-connected world, a large proportion of people spend most of their time engaging with social media. If you want to get in front of potential customers, you need to go where the crowds are – and that’s on the social media sites.

There are two distinct ways you can do this. You can post messages on social media platforms, hoping that people will follow you and respond, and only post when you want to sell something – or you can build a strategy that sees you posting regularly just to keep in touch and access the power of paid-for advertising.

If you take the paid-for route, you’ll be looking at creating a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign that will involve keyword research and competition analysis. The results can be quick, but the campaigns can be complex to set up – and it’s certainly something we can help with.
However, in addition to this, social media marketing requires a pre-defined strategy to enable you to post content that matters to your potential customers.

However, in addition to this, social media marketing requires a pre-defined strategy to enable you to post content that matters to your potential customers.

Once they see something they are interested in, the chances are that they will like and share it. Liking your content will increase your reach, as the friends of the “liker” will often be notified of this action. Sharing clearly expands your reach – everyone the user knows may see the content, and have the potential of resharing what they’ve seen. If you’re trying to market your services to a local community, this is an extremely effective way of being seen by all the people that matter, as most people have friends on social media that live nearby.

The potential for sharing and resharing is why it is important to plan what you are posting and make sure it matches with the ideals and values of your intended audience. Posting a random combination of thoughts, poorly-thought-out sales promotions — and not much else — will not lead to success.

You need to make your content as relevant and interesting as it can be, and if you’re using PPC your advertising copy needs to attract customers, not scare them away.

The biggest aspect of social media is (unsurprisingly) the social aspect. This is where many corporate social media accounts fail badly, as they are quite happy to try to sell to their followers, but struggle to engage in or start a conversation.

You don’t make sales on social media – you build relationships, trust, and influence, that all lead to the ability to make sales. To do this, you need to keep track of responses, comments, sharing activity, and so on. Social media management can be a full-time job – and we know how to handle it.

If you’re like most businesses, you won’t want to put the time in to build a strategy that will actually work. Here at CasperClick, we’re experts at creating strategies that work. The only catch is that you must be willing to let go of what you think you know about social media marketing and let us guide you through the right way of doing it.

A successful social campaign will create the foundations for a successful business, but not every business is prepared for this. It might be that you’re only looking for a few select customers, and won’t have the time to serve your local community fully – if that’s the case, social media marketing is not for you.

We need businesses that aspire to be better than they are, and want to reach as many customers as they can in the right way. If your business fits the bill, then get in touch and let’s work on your social media strategy.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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